SMOOTHIES: Top 500 Healthy Smoothie Recipes (smoothie, smoothie recipes, smoothies for weight loss, green smoothies, smoothie detox, smoothie cleanse, smoothies for diabetics, smoothies for kids)


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Enjoy The Top 500 Healthy Smoothie Recipes from Smoothies for Weight loss, Smoothies for Kids, Smoothies for Diabetics, Overall Health and Wellness Smoothies, Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies, Smoothies to Boost your Immune System, Smoothies for a Healthy Heart, Detox and Cleanse Smoothies, Anti-Aging Smoothies plus So Much More!!!


The whopping 500 recipes given in this book contain some of the most favorite smoothie recipes of all time and also recipes that focus on various categories and targets specific health issues. With the help of this comprehensive guide to healthy smoothie making, you can now give your family a new healthy beverage each day that meets all their nutritional requirements and also promotes overall health. It’s a small step towards a healthier life but it’s totally worth it!

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