Cast Iron Cooking: More than 300 Cast Iron Cooking Recipes and the care and feeding of your Cast Iron Cookware!


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This cookbook, Cast Iron Cooking, has more than 300 recipes of great foods that can be cooked in cast iron cookware. Cast iron imparts a unique flavor to foods that cannot be accomplished in any other type of cookware.
Although a lot of the recipes in this book call for a Dutch oven to be used, any cast iron pot, cast iron pan, or other cast iron cookware that can hold the recipe will work for cooking your meals.
This cookbook also has a chapter on cleaning your cast iron cookware and on how to season it. Cast iron is one of the few cookwares that are passed on from generation to generation. It’s one of the most sought after treasures of good cooks everywhere.
The author and his family cook a LOT outside in cast iron cookware on their camp stove and have used their cookware a lot over an open camp fire as well. The same cookware is used indoors for cooking meals too making it one of the best food preparation cookware for all around use.
You don’t need to own a Kindle to use this cookbook treasure. There is a Kindle App available for the PC, MAC, iPhone, and many other devices that you can use to get great recipes from the Cast Iron Cooking cookbook.
In addition to the cookbook, the author, CrowTalker, has also included a few fond memories about cast iron at the end of the book.

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